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Visual Notes, by Jiminy

The web-seminar is in progress. As you are jotting down information, the presenter brings up an illustration that you would like to keep with your notes. What do you do? Lacking any other options, you hit the Print Screen key, open up an image editor, paste the image, hit save, find the folder where your notes are, enter a name, and exit the image application. Did you remember to crop down the image to just the illustration you wanted? Either way, you missed a lot of the presentation.

Not any more. With Visual Notes, you simply start it running beforehand and tell it where to save the files. Then it gets out of your way.

When you see an image you want to save, simply bring Visual Notes to the front. It will prompt you for what part of the screen to capture and ask you to name the file. As soon as you hit Enter, it's out of your way.

No hassles. No complicated back-and-forth between several applications. Just a simple, streamlined way to save any of your screen as an image file. Interested? Download the current version (beta).

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